Miscarriage of Justice Fund Inc aims to provide assistance to the falsely accused, the wrongly convicted and their legal representatives acting on their behalf at legal proceedings. Will you join us in fighting for their innocence?

In its literal sense, a miscarriage of justice is “a failure to attain the desired end result of justice” (Walker 1999:31). Ransey (2002:25) stated that this phenomenon is not necessarily confined to errors in court, it “can occur at any stage of the criminal justice process, from law-making through street policing practices, investigations, court processes and custodial practices”.  In Langdon and Wilson (2007) the term ‘miscarriage of justice’ refers “to cases for which there is considerable doubt as to the guilt of the convicted person, regardless of whether the conviction has been overturned by the appeal courts. Poveda (2001) said that “most miscarriages of justice never come to light”.

How prevalent is this phenomenon?

It is estimated that between 7-10% of those incarcerated for serious crimes (e.g. murder, manslaughter, rape) who have exhausted all legal avenues available, are innocent, hence wrongly convicted. These figures seem to be consistent in Australia, the US and the UK.

Facing the enormity of these figures, Langdon and Wilson (2007) question “why there seems to have been such little concern regarding miscarriages of justice in Australia. In stark contrast with the UK and the US, there has been no public scandal or major reforms as a result of revelations of wrongful convictions”. The UK instituted the Review Commission and the US the now famous Innocence Projects.

The Miscarriage of Justice Support Fund Inc. is a public benevolent association with deductible gift recipient status, that aims to help victims of miscarriage of justice.


How You Can Help

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